Sloggi Crop Top : Providing Real Comfort

Women hate wearing harsh and rough underwear’s. Though they might look good, it is very difficult to bear them the whole day. It might be particularly harsh on women who are pretty active. Sloggi crop top is for women who are sportily active and want the luxury of soft underwear.

Sloggi double comfort crop top is a soft bra and has a very supportive and stretchy fabric along with wide straps.  The Sloggi double comfort is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly to your skin and provides a wonderful shape. The Sloggi double is for women who want to use it for their daily use, be it during sporting activities or while sleeping. It is made of very high grade cotton and Lycra material.

The Sloggi bra tops are a must in your lingerie collection as they provide a complete support and manage to increase the comfort levels throughout the day. We all are tired of wearing wired tops which are highly uncomfortable and leaves us with a rash. The Sloggi double comfort bra is non-wired and has a double layer band which provides great support. The design is such that it covers the top fully, which makes it easier to wear anytime and anywhere beneath anything.

The Sloggi double comfort crop top has wide comfortable straps which manage to provide excellent support without any sense of discomfort of rough wires. They also don’t have a back fastening hook, which can be sometimes difficult. The Sloggi double’s top is made of soft cotton which makes sure that you feel comfortable, cool and delightful all day long.

The Sloggi double comfort comes in two colour variants, white and black. The sizes available for Sloggi double ranges from 30 to 40. They are made of two primary components which is a mixture of 95% spun cotton and 5% elastane. The edges are flat and soft, and remain invisible under clothes. It fits perfectly and is very light which makes it much more comfortable.

The Sloggi double comfort is for women who are looking for comfort and are active throughout the day. It is a must have for women who want to get rid of uncomfortable wired bra’s. The ease of use which Sloggi provides is surely the best. This is one top which you should definitely have in your collection.

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