Snooker world rankings – Get the Top Ranks

Snooker world rankings were first devised at 1976, and basically they are used for determining qualifications and seedings for major tournaments. Obviously it’s important for the professional snooker players getting the snooker updates, as it means they automatically will qualify for major titles as well as will gain the high seeding in it. Amazingly, there have just been eight players that actually have been ranked on top of snooker world rankings from the inception. Players who have managed the spot are Cliff Thorburn, Ray Reardon, Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Mark Williams, John Higgins, Neil Robertson and Ronnie O`Sullivan.
Suppose you aren’t in top of snooker rankings then it is possible that, while it comes about major tournaments, then you will need to play qualifying rounds in order to gain the entry in main draw. When players are the top players, begin to slide down these snooker updates and need to play in qualifying rounds, and they find it tough to cope up with the change in status. While you’re making the way up your rankings it is the wonderful feeling, however when you begin on a slippery slope down then it is hard to turn the things around or gain your confidence and form once again.
Before year 2010, Snooker world rankings were actually based at how many points that you have accumulated in previous 2 years, but from 2010 fairer 2 year of rolling points system is put in place that takes account of the players current form. While this system was introduced first at 1976, an only thing, which was taken in account, was previous three years Championship performances. Players were given five points when won a World Championship, four points for runner up, three points for semi finalist, two points for quarter finalist, and one point to get in last 16. Whereas you will find the game of snooker played about anywhere in this world, right from the pubs to tournaments that draw amateur and professional players.
Important snooker tournament is Embassy World Championship that is held since year 1927, in England. At 1977, this tournament was held in Crucible Theater at Sheffield, where this resided for thirty years. The tournament and snooker updates itself was been dominated by renowned Joe Davis, who has the record of winning the tournament for fifteen times. Unfortunately, because of waning public interest of the game, tournament got cancelled from 1958 to 1963. Tournament was revived at 1964 and again took the place as highly prestigious snooker tournament of the world. This was then confirmed at 1009 that Crucible Theatre of Sheffield will remain as a main venue for Embassy World Championship till 2014.
Following Embassy World Championship are ranking tournaments. The tournaments are been used to assign the points that determine player snooker rankings for seeding the position at some major tournaments. Importance to do well at ranking tournaments is found in third important snooker tournaments that are “Invitational’s.” The highly prestigious of all invitational tournaments is Masters.

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