Some of the advantages of the Halal diet

The Halal diet or Islamic dietary guidelines are followed by millions of Muslims, with more and more foods being made with these guidelines. And this type of food can be obtained from register world’s largest chicken exporters, Brazilbestfrozenchicken is one of them.

What are Haram foods?

Haram foods are those that are prohibited or illegal according to Islamic norms.

Some examples are:

  • Pork and all its derivatives (gelatine, sausages, lard, etc.). Blood and food prepared or that may contain this ingredient.
  • Land animals without ears like worms, insects, reptiles and snakes.
  • Birds of prey and carnivorous animals and scavengers.
  • If any recipe or food contains any of the above foods or has been cooked in the same container it will also be considered prohibited or Haram.
  • Alcoholic beverages, toxic medicinal plants or any substance harmful to health.
  • Dead animals before being slaughtered; that have been mistreated; that they have not been fed halal food and that they have not been slaughtered according to the proper ritual according to Islamic laws.

This is a small summary of Haram foods that would prevent us from properly following the halal diet.

Suitable food or Halal

There are a series of basic guidelines for a food to be considered frozen chicken paw Halal and therefore we can follow the dietary guidelines or Halal diet.

In the first place Halal will be all those foods or nutrients that are not clearly considered Haram or forbidden.

It is very important that in its elaboration the technique machinery and appropriate steps according to the Islamic norms are used. The same will apply to storage and transport processes. Machines or cooking utensils that are also used to make, transport or cook Haram foods cannot be used.

  • The fish will always be suitable for the halal diet. In case of hatcheries the fish should be fed with halal food.
  • The birds (chicken, turkey, quail, etc.) without claws and that are not scavengers are Halal.

Some of the advantages of the Halal diet

In addition to following some dietary guidelines in accordance with the norms of the Islamic religion, there are a number of obvious health benefits:

  • The food from Top Quality Halal Chicken Wholesale Supplier is made with very careful ingredients throughout the process.
  • They take less saturated fat.

•             The animals consumed enjoy a better treatment and can only be fed with plant feed.

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