Style Rules For Men

You think men’s fashion is a lot less exciting than women’s fashion? Think again.

For most of us, fashionable menswear means a stylish suit in a blue-black-brown palette. But history shows that men’s fashion can be colorful and exciting too. From the frock coats and pocket watches of the Victorian age to the 3-piece suits of the 1900s, there is no shortage of interesting men fashion trends over the years.

men fashion trends

Like women’s fashion, menswear has its own share of hits and misses. It’s always good to take a good look at past trends and draw influence that can help you craft your own style. It’s never easy to share fashion tips because of things like culture, environment, preferences, and even budget. But here are some style rules that can help you stay on top of your game.

Remember that looks matter

It all starts here. To look good, you first have to want it. You have to care about how you look. Attitude and mindset are important. This will encourage you to learn more about timeless style and all the latest trends, but more importantly, it will help you pay attention to all the details that matter. Even the best-looking suit won’t look attractive on you if you don’t pay attention to how you present yourself. Get this right and everything else will flow more smoothly.

Know What Fits You Well

More than the design or color, the most important thing about a particular piece of clothing is the fit. It has to fit you well if you want it to look good. Yes, all the numbers and measurement may seem boring but knowing these details will prevent you from going for something that is too baggy or too tight. Know your body type and focus on buying clothes that highlight your strengths. You can even ask for the help of a tailor to know what works for you. Remember, just because something looks good on someone else, it doesn’t mean that it will look good on you too.

What’s Your Environment?

Are you an adventurer who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors? Do you spend a good chunk of your day meeting up with clients and giving presentations? Different places, different roles, and different situations call for different clothes. You have to keep the physical and social environment in mind whenever you are choosing what to wear. Physically, you need to feel comfortable. Socially, you need something that matches your role and the occasion. Make the wise choices!

Invest In Quality

It’s hard to buy quality clothes when you’re a young man who’s just starting to earn money, but as you get a bigger salary, you should be more willing to invest in how you look. Yes, a high-quality suit might cost a bit more but it’s an investment worth making. Choose items that will last you for years. If you’re in high-powered circles, make sure you look the part. Be clever about your money but be smart about your style too.

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