Summer Staycation Ideas on a Budget!


Sometimes you don’t want to or simply can’t go far away from home. But you need a mini vacation and you don’t want to wait until you have thousands of dollars to front on a vacation. Lucky for you, there is a way around it. With little money and a little research, you can create a vacation that you’ll love.

Head to the nearest ocean.


Rent an Airbnb on the coastline. Pack your favorite wine or champagne, snacks, and anything else you need for comfort and drive out to the waterfront. It’s a lot cheaper than booking a five-star hotel with all of the amenities. You can select the amenities you like in an Airbnb. Head out to romantic dinners on the beach with your partner or use the quiet time to regroup.


Netflix and spa.


Shut down for the weekend and turn your house into a getaway. Create a Netflix show lineup, hire a chef for the weekend, and order your favorite spa’s services from Mobile Styles. Hair treatments, nail services, massages, facials, and other services are sure to help you relax and clear your mind even for the weekend.

Become a tourist for the day.


Use your weekend to completely forget your life. Turn into a tourist for the weekend. Visit the sites in your city or the next city if you live in a small town. Check out the museums, famous spots, and unfamiliar restaurants. Bring a friend with you to help you escape or take in the sites by yourself.

Go roadtrippin’!

Pack up the car with your camping gear. Turn off your work notifications. Grab your camera and head out to the country. This adventure is best when shared with someone your close with. So grab your bestie, and all your favorite snacks and head out. This is the time to forget all of your inhibitions and just go!


Head to a loved one’s house for a surprise visit


Surprise your family with your face! If you haven’t seen your family in a while this could be just the boost you need to regain your energy. Think about it, if you are in a particularly challenging situation, then your family could be the encouragement you need to accomplish your goals.

These tips can help you to create a staycation that you can truly enjoy. You don’t have to have a ton of money to do this. The sole purpose is to regroup and clear your mind from the clutter and hassle of life and bypassing the intricate planning it takes to put together a trip. Take these tips and plan the best staycation of your life!

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