Terii Kurukshetra (Haryana) _Pioneers of a Free Foundation Course

It is said that ‘there is no free lunch in the world’. Proving this wrong, Terii Kurukshetra (Haryana) has pioneered to offer a free Foundation Course. The land of battles gives you this one time amazing and unique opportunity to win the battle of the mind trying to decide which course to study and which college to enroll in. You are the winner each time.
Choosing a course to pursue after school days is not an easy task. Standing at the crossroads of life, you may be confused with the large number of colleges offering the same course that you may want to study. There is nothing much to help you chose the college except pamphlets, websites, and advertisements. So, you fill up admission forms for several colleges, appear for those many admission tests, and also pay some amount for the forms etc. All in all, it’s a trying and expensive time for parents and students alike.
No institution offers you a degree and gives you the chance for a free trial of the course. No one allows you to come and live on the campus like a regular student. You have to enroll as a regular student first; then wait for the session to begin; and finally attend the classes and enjoy the campus life. Even the counseling sessions are only a couple of hours long. By this time, it may be too late to change your mind and shift over. You lose out on time and money.
Here’s the onetime chance for you.
The students aspiring to pursue a Technical Degree in B. Tech or a Professional Degree in BBA, MBA, or a Polytechnic need look no further. Experience the life of a student studying and living at the college campus. Know whether this is the right career choice for you. Find out if this is the kind of college life you want at the campus for the next few years before you step out in the world of profession.
Go and study your chosen course curriculum in the real classrooms. Meet and know the faculty and experience their teaching learning methodologies. Learn through their pedagogical practices and assignments. Join in the educational tours and excursions for hands on experience in the industries. Follow the academic time table each day like a regular student.
Side by side, live like a campus inmate. Use the facilities of sports and entertainment. Watch movies, listen to music, and play the games. Walk and exercise in the sprawling grounds. Try your hand at various sports.
You need to experience this one of a kind offering to believe it. It will help you to make up your mind about choosing a particular Technical or Professional Degree in B. Tech, BBA, MBA, or Polytechnic.
The best part of the deal is that all this comes with no costs to it. It’s absolutely free for the students who are opting for this course. You have to pay nothing for this fortnight of induction and orientation at Terii Kurukshetra (Haryana). Buy your tickets and land up here.
Take your student identification and walk into the pioneers Terii Kurukshetra (Haryana). Live an unconditionally free student life here for duration of 15 days! Get oriented into the course and campus living as a hosteller. At the end of this two week free foundation course, fill up the admission form and deposit the fee. Carry on with the curriculum and graduate from here. You are already familiar with the college and settle down happily into earning your Technical or Professional degree in B. Tech, BBA, MBA, or Polytechnic.
There are no strings attached in case you change your mind and want to move to another institution. You are free to walk out and take admission elsewhere. This foundation course will be an added asset to tick on your checklist of criteria while looking for a course or a college.

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