The Best Ways To Remove A Screw With A Stripped Head

There are different methods on how to remove a stripped screw. I know you know the feeling when you try to remove a screw and the screwdriver keeps spinning in the hole without rotating the screw. This is because the screw is stripped. You cannot remove it normally because there is no traction in the hole and the top will not grip the screwdriver. You can get irritated and use extreme force which may harm your machine. Don’t get frustrated because we have a solution for you.

Use your Dremel

Do you have a Dremel or a similar tool? You will need to use it. Use the Dremel to cut a new notch into your stubborn screw. After cutting a notch, you will need a flat head screwdriver of the right size to twist and remove the screw. This is one of the best methods you can remove the screw without hassles. You just need the right tools for the job.


You can use a normal drill to solve this problem. You will just need a small drill and carefully drill into the screw’s head. Ensure that the hole is small because going too deep can ruin the screw further. You will need a Philips head screwdriver to insert it into the hole and twist the screw to remove it.


If the screw proves to be stubborn after trying the above methods then a lineman plier can be another option. Pliers are effective when you have enough space as they need to go in horizontally. The best ones have both vertical and horizontal teeth to enable you to grab the screw from a flanking maneuver.

Screw extractor

Screw extractors were made to remove screws with stripped heads. They are little tools that you don’t have to miss if you are a craftsman. They look like a set of drill bits. They are typically designed to grip screws with stripped heads and remove them from their holes.

Rubber band

This method is very popular on the internet. A rubber band that is wider than the screw’s head is a perfect choice. It provides the needed traction to remove your screw. You need to put the rubber band on the head of the stripped screw and then push the band down into the hole. This process will need some pressure but it works.

Remove the head

Another option is to drill the head off by damaging the shaft. You can then use your pliers to twist it out after removing the head.

Using the wrong screwdriver

Sometimes the hole of the screw may have become large for its correct screwdriver. You will need a wrong screwdriver to provide enough traction. You will need a larger screwdriver to remove the screw.

There are many other methods on how to remove stripped screw but the discussed methods should work. Always remember not to use the stripped screw again after removing it because most of the methods discussed here will ruin the screw further and make it obsolete. Using it again will lead to more difficulties while removing it.

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