Things We Learn From The Movie “3 idiots”

The movie that created history in the way we see Bollywood cinema. A less than 3 hours movie taught us the valuable lessons of life to many of the students in India and abroad. Everyone loved that movie making it one of the highest gross earning movies in Indian market all well as overseas. I am talking about “3 Idiots” of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan (Bollywood Actor and Motivational Speaker for me). The movie rotates around three friends who met in an engineering college. The story deals with the sensitive issue of education in India and created a long-lasting impact on its viewers.

Here are the important lessons from the movie 3 Idiots:

  • Run for knowledge not for marks:

The movie has given us the most valuable lesson about education. The sole purpose of education is to gain knowledge, not the marks. The degree is worthless if you are not able to implement that knowledge in real life. Most of the Indian families are running behind the marks but that is not the case. Grads cannot define the capabilities of a person. Mugging up things only for the exam is not going to help you in future where situations are practical. For me, this is the best lesson of the movie; therefore, it is on the top.

  • Follow your Passion:

The world is full of opportunities. Everything has the scope for making a career, not only engineering as the Indian parents think. The movie gives an advice to all the parents to let your children follow their passions. Do not force them to do something. They might not excel in the field which they do not want to do. A prime example in the movie is R. Madhavan (Actor, played the character of Farhan Quraishi in 3 Idiots). Farhan wanted to be a wildlife photographer but his father forced him to study Mechanical Engineering. Later in the movie, his father allowed him to follow his passion.

  • Never let true friends go:

True friends are hard to find. Once you get them, don’t let them go. Remember the saying, “A friend in need is the friend indeed”. The friends are considered to be true when are with you in difficult times. If you have such friends, don’t let them go. In the movie, Farhan and Raju roam through the different cities just to meet the best friend “Rancho”.

  • Stop Ratta-fiction:

The common term used amongst the students for mugging up things for the exam is Ratta-fiction. The speech delivered by the character Silencer in the movie is a good example to learn. He by heart the whole speech word for word in Hindi to impress the audience without even realising what he speaking; this should be avoided. Whatever you are learning in school or colleges, try to understand the concept rather than learning them by heart word for word.

Such inspiration from a movie is hard to come. If it is there you must watch and learn what they are offering. Do let us know what you have learned from this movie other than what I mentioned.

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