Tips To Be Considered Before Hiring Local Food Trucks

Food truck catering for any special events is rapidly becoming a growing trend and for many good reasons! Local food truck catering adds a uniqueness that normal catering service might not offer. Furthermore, the food trucks can reach locations that regular kitchens can not! Local food trucks in Houston and their chefs generally specialize in different types of food that they are very passionate about. As a result, each food truck produces uniquely flavored dishes that are rarely found anywhere!

If you are looking to feed your guests a festive dining option, then bring local food trucks for a unique party experience. Local food trucks in Houston have become the centerpiece of any party, and they transform it into a must attend event. It will help to treat your guests witha deliciously unique meal!  However careful planning for using the local food trucks is the key to make any event memorable.

Decide a budget

A lot of factors contribute to the cost of catering with a gourmet food truck. When catering with a local food truck in Houston, you are essentially renting a mobile kitchen to travel to your desired location, prepare a hot meal fresh at the venue, and after all that ensure that no mess is left behind. On average, a food truck catering event can cost anywhere between $15 to $25 per person after tax and gratuity, which is a huge steal considering the quality of food and level of service provided. Additional travel and service charges may apply, but each event and food truck is unique, therefore, each event will have a unique budget.

Figure out the food you need

In any event, the number of guests will vary and so will their taste. Depending on the size of your event, you can hire one food truck that serves an assortment of options, or you can hire multiple food trucks that each specialize in a specific type of cuisine. Either option is sure to be scrumptious, but Make sure you have enough food on hand so that no guests will be disappointed! Food trucks will usually be able to accommodate an additional 10% of the overall estimated number of guests unless otherwise specified. During a time of celebration, people tend to drink and eat more than usual as it is just part of having a good time! So get ready for it!

Carefully select your food truck

Not only does your special event have its own theme, but so do the food trucks. Contact one of our coordinators to see if there’s a food truck available with a style and cuisine that would complement your event. Having a local food truck cater will only enhance your guests experience at your event!


Due to the enormous demand, dedicated local food truck operators offer impressive catering packages to meet each individual event’s needs. From a limited menu to a full gourmet entrée menu, food trucks can do it all efficiently and effectively. The next time you’re planning for an event, be sure to contact a local food truck coordinator in Houston today to bring the fun and fresh experience to your party.

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