Tips You Must Follow To Learn Playing the Piano

Mastering the skill of piano may seem an intimidating task for an adult. However, it is not too late to start learning anything new, if you are determined and disciplined. There are special music lessons for kids as well. The following are some of the tips you must follow if you are aspiring to be a piano player:

  1. Enrol in a professional piano academy: Even though there are plenty of online video tutorials, it is best to be taking lessons from a professional piano teacher. There are several music schools in Sydney where you can enrol. Guidance under a teacher will help you reach your goals better and faster. That is because a skilled tutor can offer you personalised attention. You will learn faster if you have a group of people acting as your teacher/support system.
  2. Establish objectives: If you aspire to learn playing the piano, you must first and foremost decide what you want as a piano player. This means you must decide whether you are learning to play the instrument so you can perform at a special event, or just for your own enjoyment and desire. Having a clear goal will keep you motivated and focused while learning to play the instrument.
  3. Strengthen the foundation: it is important to get the basics right. In case you are a complete novice and do not know how to read music notes and other  fundamentals of playing the instrument at all, then you should  take special time out to grasp the rhythm, posture ,notations, scales and other fundamental skills. Once the basic concepts and fundamental skills are strengthened, it will become much easier to master the skill of playing the instrument.
  4. Regular, rigorous practice is a must: Like any other skill, learning to play the piano will also require discipline and thorough dedicated practice. Hence it is crucial to schedule a fixed time in the day to practice playing the instrument. Commitment towards regular practice is crucial. Instead of practicing a lot at one sitting, it is far more effective to consistently practice for short, daily sessions. This means sticking to a routine of practicing regularly for half an hour will fetch better results than practicing once a week for two hours at a time.
  5. Play music you like: It is not essential to start by playing classical music. If you wish to learn playing the instrument for your pleasure, you can always start with simple, easy to play tunes. You can learn to play the piano fast, only if you find enjoy the process. It will you motivate to keep on learning.
  6. Have patience: It takes time to learn a new instrument. Hence, it is important not to get frustrated when you are learning the instrument as a beginner. Start at easier levels and only then progress to harder steps. Set a pace you are comfortable in and then slowly start challenging yourself.

Following these tips with dedication will help you master the skill of playing piano.

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