Top 12 Interesting Things to Do In Chikmagalur

Do you wish to spend some quality time in the natural environment with your family members? If yes, then why don’t you choose the lush green backdrop destination for your holiday trip? If you are excited about the blissful holiday then choose Chikmagalur. It is the popular hill station located in the southwestern of Karnataka. It is fully bounded by the beautiful waterfalls, rivers, flora & fauna, green slopes, coffee plantation, etc. It is peaceful and scenic town offers a distinctive vacation experience for a lifetime to the entire tourists.

In the summer season, most of you desire to spend some time in the tranquility of nature with your dear ones that’s why you can choose the breathtaking view destination like Chikmagalur for the perfect vacation trip. When you are in the town for holidays you should always need to book the best homestay in Chikmagalur for staying in the canopy of nature. When you are in the Chikmagalur then here you can indulge yourselves in various things which are demonstrated below just take a look:

  • You can visit the coffee plantation & Coffee Museum- If you are a coffee lover then never forget to travel around the coffee plantation grounds and the famous coffee museum in Chikmagalur. Here you get an opportunity to know the procedure of coffee growth and production.
  • You can do Rafting in Bhadra River- Being a tourist if you are an adventure lover then takes pleasure of the rafting on the outskirts of river Bhadra. You can come in the month of June to October when the water level of the river is very good for performing the enthralling activities in the river.
  • You can worship at Hoysala Temples& Horanadu Temple– In the town, you can also observe various temples which demonstrate some uniqueness to the tourist. Here you can come with your family members for worshipping and for observing the breathtaking view of the temples atmospheres.
  • You can enjoy adventure sports in Chikmagalur- In the town, you can take part in various adventures sports. If you are an adventure lover then take part in such sports skydiving, microlight flying, white water rafting, off-road driving, rock climbing, trekking, cave exploration, cycling, and biking, etc.

If you decide to come to Chikmagalur for holiday trip but you are worried about residing then never take tension because in the town various accommodation option available for the tourists. In the town various homestay available in the midst of the coffee plantation. All the homestay offer a serene environment for a peaceful vacation to their tourist guest with outstanding services.

For the budget conscious tourist in the town may opt the budget homestay in Chikmagalur for the comfortable stay. Have you ever seen a dream in which you are walking in the coffee plantation where there is no one except you and your loved ones? If no, then come to the Chikmagalur for relaxing vacation trip at once in your life. Your visit will be unfinished if you don’t spend some relaxing time amongst the thick, wild coffee bushes.


Chikmagalur is a nature lover’s paradise. It is blessed with the lush green forests, tall mountains, refreshing coffee plantations, sparkling waterfalls, and breath-taking valleys. If you want to come from the canopy of the city life then choose Chikmagalur for relaxing holiday trip.

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