Travel Agents Offer Value in Today’s Online Marketplace

Travel Agents Offer Value in Today's Online Marketplace

With so many travel booking engine options to book travel yourself today, many ask why use a travel agent when I can do it myself? Well consider the fact that you can spend hours online searching various websites for the best travel deals and sometimes you get good results while other times you just end up frustrated and confused by so many options.

The world of travel has become increasingly complex as more options become available that compete for today’s travel dollar. Despite so many options for consumers to book directly with an airline or hotel online, many consumers continue to use a travel agent for good reason. Today’s travel agent software provides agents with the tools they need to quickly serve their customers while reducing costs to serve them. Travel Agents are experts who know more about travel than the average consumer and have access to perks like special pricing and amenities. Today’s travel booking engine allows agents to offer clients the content they are looking for at the best price available.

But a good travel agent can offer more than just travel recommendations and perks. They understand some of the more complicated requirements associated with some foreign travel such as Passport & Visa requirements, health insurance protection and inoculation procedures. They can help you navigate these potential snares in your travel plans and prove to be a valuable resource during your trip. For example, a travel agent can help you adjust your travel arrangements due to an unexpected change in plans or an unscheduled flight interruption or cancellation.

The cost of using a travel agent can fluctuate based on where you are, but is money well spent when you consider what an agent can do for you. Travel Agents are experts in their field and the travel agent software many use allows them to save time by sorting through the surplus of information and find the right deal for you. They can research and handle every aspect of your trip, including air transportation, hotel accommodations and even ground transportation.

While it may cost money to use a travel agent, they know how to find lowest airfares and often use their connections to make sure you receive perks like free upgrades or special amenities. For example, an agent may suggest you consider using a nearby alternate airport or travel on an alternate date to save money. They may have access to a free room upgrade or special amenities because of the volume of business they send to a particular hotel. The additional charges that you might potentially save with complimentary Wi-Fi alone over a several day stay at some hotels can more than cover the cost of using a travel agent.

Travelling the world can be full of unexpected snags, but a having a good travel agent just a call away or access to their travel booking engine online is a great insurance policy to have in the event something goes wrong.

Finding travel agent software with the right combination of options for your business can be critical and the key to the success of your online travel business. Finding a technology partner with the right solutions to meet your needs can be just as important.

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