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What are the Causes and the Best Cure available for Dandruff?

Dandruff is also known as Scruff or Pityriasis simplex capillitii , but the unfortunate thing about it is that it’s exact cause is not known and neither can anybody strictly say that these are causes of dandruff in your case! And you can’t stop asking yourself what is the cause of dandruff? For with the cause, a solution is impossible. But anyhow there are a few general things which can be a reason for the beginning of your dandruff troubles.

Cause 1:Dry Skin

There may be several reasons for dandruff including hygiene factors. Let’s see them below one by one, so that next time you don’t get nightmares and rip your hair off thinking where the hell did this dandruff come from!

What causes dandruff is the question, right? This is a major cause for dandruff! Hands down. If you have dry skin then it is a given that even your hair is dry. And when this is not cared for properly, you end up with an accumulation of dry and dead skin. The result dandruff through out the year.

Cause 2: Yeast sensitivity

Do you avoid food containing yeast due to allergies? Or do you have more dandruff during the winter than in summers? Have you considered that maybe you are sensitive to yeast? This can also be a reason causing your dandruff apart generally dry skin.

The reason that you have less dandruff during the summers maybe the stronger UVA and UVB rays during the summer season.

Cause 3: Dirty scalp

Dirty scalp indicates the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells. This can cause dandruff in two ways.

The dead skin cells due to presence in excess begins to shed leading to dandruff troubles.

A dirty scalp also tends attract a lot of microbes. This can cause dandruff due to yeast formation and fungal growth.

The only way to avoid this is to ensure that you wash your hair at frequent intervals and keep your scalp clean at all times. If you lack the time for a shampoo, then atleast stock up on dry shampoo. This kind of dandruff causes hairfall also.

Cause 4: Insufficient combing

Brushing your hair is an sure shot way to ensure that your hair is cleaned of the dirt and scalp of dirt. This needs to be done everyday. As your brush, you remove the dirt from the shaft and scalp and the dead skin cells from the scalp. This prevents the accumulation on the scalp. Therefore, reducing dandruff troubles.

Cause 5: Seborrheic dermatitis

Sounds really big right? Scary? The truth is that it isnt half as complicated as it sounds.

Have you got an oily skin type? Then it is entirely possible that you have itchy, irritated and rash prone scalp. In other words, Seborrheic dermatitis. This is because of excess oil production and excessive oil tends to hold the dirt and grime well on your scalp.

Cause 6: Skin diseases

When someone is diagnosed with skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and others, they may face dandruff on the scalp also.

Cause 7: Long term medication or high steroid dosage

When someone gets high on drugs and steroids, they may face severe dandruff conditions and such conditions are to be diagnosed as early as possible otherwise they may drag in the baldness. You should have regular checkups and medicines which are advised by your trusted dermatologist , to get back on track.

Cause 8: Malassezia

Malassezia is something we all have. Slow down! This isn’t anything to worry about. This is a fungs that grows on the skin surface of all furry animals and humans. Therefore, they are present on our heads too. This symbiotic fungal genus feeds on the dead skin and oils on your head. So they are actually doing us a favor. But when we there is too much oil, dirt and dead skin on our heads for them to feed on, they go out of control and cause dandruff.

Cause 9: Mental stress

This no one really cares about , or rather cannot care about due to lack of time and all, but yes mental stress can cause dandruff , severe one. Whenever you sleep, the best way to get stress out is to have at least 8 hours sleep, no matter when you sleep and get a healthy massage from someone you are comfortable with, at least bi-weekly. It gets the stress out, trust me!

Cause 10: Diet

Everyone speaks of diet but no one really pays heed to what goes on inside and munch on French fries and KFC. But have fresh veggies and fruits to avoid hair loss caused by dandruff. A good diet is key to maintaining scalp condition!

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