Why it is Important to Get Freedom to Operate Search Services?

Are you looking for the best way by which you get complete knowledge about your new invention? If yes, then, first of all, visit the best company which offers theses type of search services like patent validity, prior art, patent novelty as well as Patent Invalidity Search services. Among all services, freedom to operate search service is the best way to find out the finding out if your product infringes upon the patent rights of others. Prior to launch any product, companies perform market research to make sure that they have a successful product or not.

Here are some essential reasons to carry out market research such as:

  • Perfectly analyze if there is a requirement for their product
  • Know about the market for the product
  • Getting knowledge about the competitors
  • Mechanism a marketing plan
  • Know about real pricing strategy

While, market research is the most important step, similarly important task is finding out if the product has Freedom to Operate.

What is Freedom to Operate Search?

Now, one question clicks in the mind of the people, if FTO does not necessary for getting license from the government authority, then why is it important to carries out? The simple answer to this question is FTO is related to figuring out if your product infringes upon the patent rights of others. If it does, you might wish to plan the launch of your product based on that. In the other words, Freedom to Operate Search study is an important task to be performed prior to commercializing a product.

Why Freedom to Operate Search is important to carry and what are the advantages of this search?

Freedom to operate search should be first carried out at an early stages of product development, so that you do not acquire huge development costs in developing possibly infringing products as well as are not entwined in a legal battle later, on infringement charges.

A Freedom to operate search assists in many ways such as:

  1. These types of search services eliminate the risk of getting sued by others, for having encroached upon their patent rights.
  2. This type of search will also dig out patents, which have lapsed. There are a large number of appropriate technologies which can be utilized from these lapsed patents.
  3. After doing this type of search, you will get a list the patents which are related to your product or technology as well as assists you make strategies, such as:
  • Buying patents which are most important to your product, so that you get freedom to operate rights in that terrain.
  • Gaining a license from the patent holder for a particular duration of time by working out a payment option. This will provide you the right to operate without infringing on others patent rights.
  • If you do have a patent of your own, you can also try the approach of cross licensing of patents to obtain mutual advantages.
  • Redesigning your product in a great way that it does not infringe upon others patent rights.
  • Try as well as invalidate the patents in question so that you get freedom to operate in the concerned area.

In last, Freedom to Operate Search is an essential step every IT company should take before commercializing their product to keep away from expensive law suits as well as get knowledge about the plans that can be adopted to gain FTO in their desired area.

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