Why to look for a professional dhol wala in Delhi?

We have the team of best dhol wala in Delhi that will perform both the traditional and the western dhol for all our clients that depends on theme and mood of an occasion. The team performs according to the requirements of the clients. At Chawla Band, we have the team of players that have mastery on the Punjabi dhol wala in Delhi, they will perform both type of rhythms, traditional as well as western dhol for the clients depending on theme of an occasion and demand of people. Bhangra is a combination of the dance oriented music with the Punjabi rhythms. Therefore, in bhangra emphasis is generally on music that means rhythm to dance and less on singer and lyrics. The bhangra music is very popular all across the world. No matter whether it is the Marriage Ceremony, Mehndi Festivals, Receptions Inaugurations, Birthday Party, Corporate Parties, and any other event in Delhi, we are here to provide you with the best dhol wala ever.
The wedding horse is the basic need to any Indian marriage for the groom. We have a wide variety of the wedding Ghori for groom. It’s well decorated by our professional team as per our client’s needs. We also have a range of chariots, used for many purposes like rath yatra, ramlila, independence day and other occasions. We will offer our Baggi with various decorations as per the celebrations as well as client’s needs. We have our own dhol Wala in Delhi who has experience in giving the best service to our clients. They have collaborated with DJ’s for the Live Shows. Over the years, we’ve performed in many Indian Weddings and abroad and have got much appreciation from our clients. This actually has helped us get amazing work from the biggest clients of India. We will bring in traditional flavors, Masti to our Music that must be the part of Event for making it a big success.
The way we actually work is we’ve different verticals like dance, music and traditional ceremonies, each of them works independently during course of the functions, and that is what makes us the dhol wala in Delhi. Weddings in India are very dramatic, they can be the full-length films. Marriages of India are celebrations of the community –that is the reason we call it ‘big fat Indian wedding’. To have a band that understands the pulse and adds Masala with the team of some talented musicians what makes more relishing.
Everyone wants the wedding to be a memorable affair, and something that the people talk of for years to come. We as the best dhol wala in Delhi amazing services to all our clients, and that is what we’re known for. From past some years our professional team has set the benchmark of creativity in managing the sundry events as well as earned trust of the vast range of the clients whereas establishing the national reputation for influential, effective and innovative work. Our years of experience and expertise combined with enthusiasm of our staff to serve you the best, can assure you of best service.

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