Winter colors for a bright wardrobe

Winter clothing generally brings up images of sweaters for girls. A common image is that of a sweater worn person. In a few odd cases its jackets for women. However, the imagery generally is of winter clothing that is grey, black or brown. These colors are practical, dust resistant and have the added benefit of teaming up well with multiple outfits. However, this is not all that is there to do with winter clothing and fashion.

The color palette for winter clothing can go beyond all these colors. Sweater for girls can be made in bright pinks. Jackets for women can come in brilliant shades of amber and green too. Winters are generally a gloomy affair with hardly any sun. A vibrant and colorful ensemble can be put together for winter clothing.

There are ways to brighten up a winter wardrobe with colors that can act as a perfectly blended contrast with the usual winter colors. These are called jewel tone colors. They are deeper in shades and hue compared to colors of fall or autumn. When you pick up clothing or clothing accessories in jewel tone colors, it will add an instant pop of color to your winter wardrobe making it look fresh, fashionable and festive.

The jewel tone colors that are popular and will blend well with winter colors are:-

  • Golds and yellows
  • Browns, beige and copper
  • Burgundies and Reds
  • Purples
  • Greens
  • Blues

The idea of dressing up in winter garments that are exclusively made in monotones of the above mentioned colors can be revolting to some barring the browns and blues. However, all the colors will look great as accessorizing and complimenting colors.

A deep purple sweater or jacket with white wool scarf is a combination that will always turn heads in winter. Similarly, a grey jacket with long sleeves and deep pockets can be accessorized with a gold or a yellow cap, mittens and cap. If you are the fashionable one who doesn’t mind experimenting with a bold look once in a while, a burgundy or red or a magenta pink might be just the right color for you. A pair of warm woolen leggings in deep black or blue with a burgundy, red or magenta long jacket with full sleeves is a definite ramp kind of look for your winter wardrobe.

Greens and warmer shades of green as choices for full clothing can get bizarre at times. However, it will be a pleasant change of regular winter clothing when paired up with the right contrast options like blues or yellows. The important point  in this combination is to ensure balance of colors to not outdo any of the shades to the point of revulsion.

Fashion fails are a part of life even on the ramps of the most famous fashion shows in the world. One fashion faux pax or a wardrobe malfunction never stops a model to move on. Same is the case with experimenting colors in a winter wardrobe too. Try out your combinations to arrive at the right colors choices for your winter clothing.

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