Work 365 Cloud Marketplace for Microsoft Partners


Since last decade, e-commerce websites are in the boom. It doesn’t matter what kind of products and services you want to sell. We all are familiar with Flipkart and Amazon e-commerce giants. It is possible and easy to start your own B2B e-commerce portal with IT services and applications to your customers.

Work 365 have introduced ready-to-go B2B marketplace for Microsoft partners, that will help customers to find, buy and use products and services and allows to manage the subscriptions of all cloud services in one easy-to-use system.

Getting started with Work 365

Work 365 platform enables Microsoft Partners to roll out Microsoft CSP products and services to their customers in just a few hours and streamline sales, service and grow Monthly Recurring Revenue.

What is Work 365 Marketplace

Work 365 Marketplace for your customers to find and purchase cloud services. you can sell products and your own services as bundles to your customers and collect monthly usage for services consumed that is then rated, invoiced on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis with complete integration of marketplace from the system for automated provisioning and delivery of services.

Microsoft CSP partners use Work 365 to sell the complete set of Microsoft products, all from their own white-label online marketplace. Work 365 has self-service portal is about offering better customer experience. With Work 365 Portal, you can set up your online marketplace, add Microsoft and your own products from the Work 365 catalog, and start selling.

How Work 365 platform can help CSPs

  • Provisioning Automation
  • Subscription Management
  • Billing and Invoicing Automation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Change Tracking
  • Self Service
  • Customer Service and Incident Tracking
  • Payments and E-commerce
  • Multi-Country and Multi-Currency

Bundle, Provision, and Bill any Services

Following is the list of products cloud service providers (CSPs) can bundle, provision and bill them on your marketplace store.

  • Your own customize products and services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Office 365
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Azure
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business and many more…

Work 365 is a Customer Experience Platform and built for Microsoft CSP Partners to scale and grow their cloud business. Using Work 365 – Microsoft CSP Automation Platform, CSPs can transform their way of doing Subscription Billing Automation and Invoicing completely.

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