Your thread gauges deserve the maximum care

metric thread gauges

Now, you know the importance of the thread gauges. You should also be aware of how to take care of the thread gauges. Irresponsible handling of the same can have disastrous consequences. We shall look at the precautions you should ensure while handling and storing thread gauges.

  • Use your thread ring gauges and plug gauges gently. Never force them through the part you wish to check. The movement of the gauge should be smooth and without any difficulty when you use the Go side. Similarly, you should not use more than two to three turns from the No Go side. Forcing the gauge through the threaded part can break the tool as well as the threads of the implement you wish to check.
  • Gauges are no less than precision tools. Handle them with utmost care. Take care of them in the same way you do to your precision tools.
  • Mishandling the thread ring gauges can result in unnecessary nicks on the tool. This can cause a major deformity and affect the integrity of the tool. Dropping the gauge on the floor can also result in damage to the gauge. It is very tempting to use the gauge to tap the screw or use it as a hammer. Refrain from doing so. A gauge is a gauge and not a hammer. You end up breaking the gauges.
  • Ensure that two gauges do not come into contact with each other. It is always advisable to have individual compartments of containers to store the individual gauges. In case they clash, there are chances of the threads getting nicked or damaged. This will affect the working of the gauge and ruin the integrity of the tool.
  • Rust is the biggest enemy of the thread gauges. Dip these gauges in an oil-wax based seal and store it carefully in a secure location. It is also better to coat the gauges with a rust preventive material before storing the same. In case the gauges show signs of rust, take them for servicing at the authorized service center. Never try to chip off the rust on your own. You could end up disrupting the threads.
  • Ship your gauges with utmost care. As far as possible, pack them separately and coat them with a rust preventive material. Use sufficient packaging material and ensure that two gauges do not come into contact with each other in transit.

Understand the importance of these gauges. They can help your industry a great deal. The industry uses various types of threads like the ACME threads, metric threads, trapezoidal threads, the UN series threads, and so on. Each of these threads has individual characteristics. Hence, you need different types of gauges like the metric thread gauges or the trapezoidal thread gauge, etc.

We shall examine the different kinds of gauges and see the working of the individual threads in some of the forthcoming articles on the subject. At this point, we can confirm that the thread gauges are some of the most important tools in the manufacturing industry.

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