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A day full of positivity and happiness- the marriage occasion. It is undeniably the best time for a family, relatives, groom and the bride to experience the joy and amazement of the marriage day. It is an extremely beautiful night for anyone. From the distant relatives to the neighbors everyone is full of excitement and energy while welcoming this day. Marriage occasion turns everything into more joyful as it welcomes the new life of two families. The main purpose of a wedding is to build fondness between two beautiful souls. All the cultures celebrate and sometimes spend their lifelong savings on making this day an adorable and memorable one. With the positivity emerging in my mind, I was very happy to see my younger sister getting married. It was a mixture of combined emotions; happiness was to see her getting married and enter into a new life. Whereas, seeing her going away from our was a sorrowful thing. I wanted to get my sister married in a royal look and a world class banquet- catering, jeweler, clothing, shopping for luxuries all was set. The new luggage and the accessories were all ready. The charm and joy of the day was class apart. Being a resident of Delhi, we did everything in the best manner possible to arrange the leading quality stuff for the marriage. To give it a royal texture, we searched everything and made preparations for the wedding accordingly. The groom and the bride, both were ready to tie up in a legal and forever relationship. Everything was going smooth and suddenly a problem knocked the door. The band and the marriage decorations were arranged with a company which was not doing it in an appropriate manner and was putting forward unnecessary demands. So, we decided to book some other band as we couldn’t afford to spoil anything in the wedding. The task to book one of the top wedding bands and a beautiful baggi for the marriage was still pending. From a friend, I came to know about Shiv Mohan Band at Karol Bagh. I searched about its presence over the Internet. After going through their website I was feeling relaxed and satisfied with the amazing reviews and a good experience in providing meritorious services which let it recognize as one of the top wedding bands. I approached the manager of Shiv Mohan Band, confirmed the address and tell them about things to be done. baggi for marriage was one of the most important things which were beautifully decorated. It is one of the oldest and a part of the top wedding bands in Delhi. The finest quality with an adorable service and experienced staff, I was happy and a satisfied customer after booking Shiv Mohan Band, the Baggi for the marriage was also appreciable. Satisfying the customers with the product quality was their main priority which helped it to land into one of the top wedding bands.

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