Is your Brick Charger not Working? Troubleshoot Yourself

Disasters do not strike with a warning. It can even strike your brick charger catching you off guard. If you ask how? Well, to your astonishment one fine morning you will find that your Brick charger not working. Not all is lost and you can keep at bay any thoughts of replacement. These days there are plenty of DIY troubleshooting tricks that you can implement to get your charger in a working condition. Make sure to check the JUUL accessories or the contacts on the Brick. There is a high possibility that they may have become dirty. If that is the situation, then soak a q-tip on a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. While cleaning the bottom of the JUUL, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the q-tip to sweep the two contacts at the bottom of the channel.

Juul accessories

Users of brick charger have reported that after a few months or weeks of use, the Brick charger may exhibit unpredictable and undesirable anomalies. Needless to mention that people find themselves in a state of utter confusion. Crazy! Is not it? A well-to-do guy spends several minutes shaking the charger like an insane in a desperate attempt to make it work again. You must be thinking how to deal with Brick charger not working. Some small adjustments can do wonders. You need to check the small metal contacts. The chances are that gunk has accumulated on the surface.

Follow the under mentioned steps to clean the contacts deep inside:

Open up the charger. You need to use a small flat screwdriver for prying the charger’s bottom piece.

Go ahead and remove the guts. You will see a circuit board inside the housing and a magnet pair. You need to set the magnet aside. Make sure to use flush cutters. It will snip through the posts of plastic retainer holding the PCB and shell together.

Make sure that you clean the PCB. You can use dish soap and distilled water to fill your ultrasonic cleaner. Put this PCB into the cleansing bath. Let it clean for 3 to 10 minutes.

Thoroughly check to ensure that soap residues are not leftover. So rinse it thoroughly.

To dry it all out you can use a paper towel. You can use isopropyl alcohol to dry and clean it further.

Finally, reassemble your charger and do not forget to affix the magnet.

Nine out of ten times when you complete these steps, your charger will be as good as a new one. You can use the ultrasonic if you find the disassembling hectic. You can drop the whole thing in ultrasonic. Do not get impatient as it will take longer to dry. For best results, give it an entire day to out moisture.

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