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Benefits of Going with Clay Roof Tiles For Your Home in Kerala

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Roof tiles in Kerala have been preferred roofing option used for centuries for provides long lasting style, durability, and sustainability. Clay roofing tiles in Kerala offer great value for money as well as specific advantages over the alternative roofing materials. With perfect designs and extensive variety, the roofing tiles make your home attractive.

Clay roof tiles are today one of the most admired roofing materials available for elegant and unique architectural styles especially for coastal areas in Kerala any many parts in India and worldwide. Use of modern-day clay roof tiles in Kerala is recommended not only for aesthetic splendor, distinctive appeal but essentially for many practical advantages such as:


  • Roof tiles can be finished in diverse shapes or sizes and even color to suit one’s requirements
  • It requires little maintenance seems to be nil
  • In case of break down, the damaged tile can simply be replaced with inexpensive repair work
  • Clay roof tiles are water-proof, fire-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, as well making it one of the most durable construction materials that last for years
  • Can be colored to suit one’s requirements and it does not fade away for a longer period


  • Clay tiles are the best natural insulators over any roof reduce the expense required for heating or cooling power bills
  • Due to clay tiles being extremely durable, maintenance costs seems to be very little.
  • Clay roofing tiles have natural thermal mass insulation properties that contribute a lot for the overall thermal and energy savings performances to any home.


  • Clay roof tiles are rust and corrosion resistant that means they are suitable for installation in any harsh coastal environments for longer.
  • Roof tiles must comply with strict standards hence stay stronger with the age
  • Life expectancy of clay tiles in Kerala is at more than 80+ years.

Minimal Environmental Impact

  • The raw materials used to manufacture these tiles are natural and non-toxic material
  • The water that runs off a tiled roof helps in rainwater harvesting;
  • Its manufacture and installation has no harmful impact on the environment
  • Roof tiles will reflect the entire heat away from the home than it other commonly used roofing counterparts
  • Roof tiles can result in lower cooling requirements materials.
  • It acts as a thermal barrier, reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat away from the roof space.


It is absolutely not necessary to say that, clay roofing tiles in Kerala are the most apparent choice for Kerala homes. Whether you wish to construct a house a traditional style or modern fashion building, clay roof tiles in Kerala will not only add to the charm of your house but also reduce your running expenditure on electricity and maintenance. Since clay tiles and roofing materials in Kerala are manufactured in an Eco-friendly manner from Eco-friendly materials ensure you will enjoy an Eco-friendly home for centuries.

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