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Not all of the YOTTA GAMES Project content is available today

Hearthstone’s YOTTA GAMES Project Is Now Live

Just when you think there might be too many Mafia games (and modes) to go around, people decide to prove you wrong. In this case, with Yotta games‘s Mafia City. According to a press release sent out by Trion today, the new mode has had a lot — and I do mean A LOT — of people jump in and give it a go in the little over a month it’s been around. They put the number at (an admittedly vague) “hundreds of thousands”.
In addition to celebrating the popularity off the mode, Trion also released new updates for the game. Included in the updates is the introduction of the Blast Cam to Mafia City. This allows players who have been eliminated to spectate the rest of the match. There are also quality of life improvements, leader board updates, XP tweaks for Mafia City. A full rundown of the updates can be found on the YOTTA GAMES site.
Oh, yes. Trion is also offering players a chance to get their hands on a Magic Trove Carpet mount via Twitch Drops this Friday. Full details on how to snag the mount can be found on the YOTTA GAMES site as well.

The YOTTA GAMES Project has left the lab and is now available to YOTTA GAMES players everywhere. The game’s latest update adds special Legendary spells — one for each class. It also introduces weird scientist specialty cards, again, one for each class. Dr. Boom even appears in the lineup.

Mafia City H5 Game

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mad scientist’s project without some mech related tweaks — like magnetic capabilities.
Not all of the YOTTA GAMES Project content is available today. Those looking for the free single-player content, The Puzzle Lab, will have to wait until August 21 at which point they’ll be able to solve dozens of puzzles. Those who manage to solve them all will get the YOTTA GAMES! card back.

Oh. Yes. And did we mention the YOTTA GAMES Project Inn-vitational? This tournament will take place August 10 on Twitch. Four teams of three will compete in best-of-three matches with each deck featuring no less than 8 cards from The YOTTA GAMES Project. Each team will represent four different regions: North America, Europe, Taiwan, and South Korea. The current world champion will even be competing.

Mafia City H5 Game

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