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Perfect Way to Write Articles For Search Engine Optimization In 2018

This time, we came here to provide you some interesting facts about content writing techniques for working with search engine optimization, inside this article I will share some important tips which is described as per requirements.

We would like to bring some light on the basis, which we need to carefully understand before any content writing. Outline your article.

• Google Search engine extend the limit of the title of 320 character long. It is an important part of effective SEO content.
• Articles/Blog should be well written, engaging, useful, entertaining, informative and easy to understandable for the readers.
• A well-written article with good content will attract more traffic; i.e. a lot of readers will visit your site, If your content is good then people will automatically try to connect with you and it will also helpful to build quality links for the website and its pages.

Write your article.

• Give your article a title.
• ensure content should be grammatically correct with no spelling errors.
• For the better formatting Break the content into short paragraphs with sub headings.
• To apply on the whole important keywords and sentences for better result.
• If it makes sense in the text, put keywords and key phrases in bold or italics or It should be looking eye caching keywords.
• Don’t use too many keywords in the article text, it comes in keywords stuffing.
• The recommended keyword density is not more than 3%.
• when the title includes the keyword phrase then first line of the article should start with the keyword. To break the redundancy, try starting the article through a question. If you are inserted the keywords in the article then you have to do this BOLD it Because Google algorithm gives it more importance.

Create a list of keywords and phrases for your article/blog.

It is too significant for your article/blog, because search engine consider it as meta tag, which is part of the HTML.
• Heading, subheading, keywords visibility and paragraph is very helpful for readers, it is such a appreciable part of the content. These type of activity shows the professionalism. These type of content preferred by the search engine for better visibility.
• Focus on the start and ending position of your article, if your article start point will not effective then no one can stay on your articles so always try to write generally valuable and attaractive articles/blog.
• If your trying to explain with images then it will be very helpful to boost your content.
• Hyperlinking is another best way to communicate with readers, you can highlight the word and phrase and then add the web pages which you want. But link should reliable and helpful and fulfill with the information.
• Build links to your article and Simply, share a link to your new article on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, pinterest, google plus…… and encourage friends to re-share it.
At the end, your article must leave a mark on the readers mind to think and react.

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