The Paradox in Rundholz’ Black Label Clothing Line

Clothes are much more than textiles; they define who we are. Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s a formal event or a social gathering, a clumsy dressing sense can ruin your impression.  Choosing the perfect ensemble for an occasion can be tougher than you think.  Going by the surge of clothing brands in the fashion industry, making an appropriate choice seems like an enervating job. Before you drive yourself mad browsing through fashion blogs, try out the Rundholz Black Label collection. Available in a spectrum of vibrant shades, Rundholz Black Label clothing line is internationally acknowledged for its quirky appeal.

Why Rundholz Stands out From Others?

Rundholz Black Label stands out from others brands for its sublime appeal. The clothing range, which constitutes a motley array of ensembles, ranging from cotton leggings,  wide LED linen pants, sleeveless black dresses, jersey skirts to deconstructed silk modal scarves, is recognized for its versatility.  The attires not only boast unique constructions but are available in various shades, from bold and vibrant to pastel; from monochrome to scribble prints. A splash of colors or a dash of grey, regardless of your preference, Rundholz has the perfect solution for everyone.

The fabrics of Rundholz are carefully chosen to ensure the comfort of the wearer. All the garments are creative pieces, which are a perfect blend of creativity and comfort. Essentially, the clothes of Rundholz Black Label are manufactured with a combination of more than one material, including cotton, linen, polyamide and elastane mix. Rundholz Black Label completed its 10th year in 2017, and it launched some new exciting garments, ranging from mid-weight linen and stretchy cotton jerseys to cotton jerseys, to commemorate the occasion. In addition to these dresses and jerseys, the brand has also launched a series of bags and accessories which can be sported as statement pieces to add a dramatic twist.

Rundholz Black Label Moves Beyond Trendy

Rundholz’s creations are a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Although the brand attempts to depict commonplace ideas, it moves beyond the familiar and entices people with its bold appeal. Such a paradox can be understood in terms of its preoccupation with minimalism. The designs cater to the idea of modern sustainability, enabling the new age discerning women to make a bold statement. The fabrics strive to make a fine point while the structure implores us to ask how. At any rate, the Rundholz designs are fundamentally based on the demystification of the traditional construction, and this paradox forms the core of this clothing brand.

Every Rundholz’s garment is unique and goes beyond the trendy. Arguably, the aesthetic in Rundholz’s clothing range is inspired by the budding talents like Comme des Garçon and Ann Demeulemeester.  The raiments embody a unique combination of femininity and artistry wherein they boast a distinct style that appreciates innovation, intelligence, and class. The blueprint of the designs, as conceived by designer duo, is characterized by curiosity and wonder. “It’s fun to open new doors, to gather more and more impressions and to be able to express this in our work,” observed Carsten Rundholz.

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